*SCAPE Naughty Or Nice Workshop: Wine Appreciation by B.NU


Unless you're a staunch teetotaler, you're bound to have at least a drink or two to mark this festive season.

What do you do when someone hands you a glass of wine? Do wine lists in restaurants baffle you? How do you pick the right wine for the sumptuous meal that you've just ordered?

This workshop will cover basic knowledge that a person needs to know when handling a glass of wine. You will learn basic wine etiquette, what to do when ordering wines in a restaurant, how to analyse wines (basic) etc. The workshop is 50 minutes. Three wines will be tasted.

Length of workshop: 50 minutes

Three types of wine will be tasted.

Please note that you have to be 18 years and above to take part in this workshop. Participants' IDs will be checked before workshop commences and no refunds will be given for those who do fulfill th
e minimum age requirement.

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About B.NU

B.NU curates boutique producing wineries in its portfolio and conducts wine-food workshops.

Sat Dec 10, 2016
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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*SCAPE Carpark, Level 1
10 Dec, 6pm: Wine Appreciation SOLD OUT $15.00
10 Dec, 7.30pm: Wine Appreciation SOLD OUT $15.00
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2 Orchard Link, Level 1 Singapore
*SCAPE Co. Ltd